04 September 2014

This is a War

I thought the\at clearly The CDC would come forward and admit their cover up and wrongdoing, so we could all get on with our lives and have some closure.

I was wrong.

They continue to lie.

and lie

and lie.

Numerous ireports have been taken down off of CNN.

One remains which has well over 600,000 views and counting.

A lot has happened. It seems like each day we get closer and closer and closer to the truth being front and center.

What is the truth?

It's the CDC covering up data that they could have used to show what really happens to kids when they get the MMR vaccine.

Especially African American boys.

yet their is nothing from media.
Nothing from celebrities.
Nothing from African American Activists.

nothing from the president of our own county.

I was a little harsh the first and only time I spoke at IACC.

I really thought I was a little too harsh in my comments aimed at Mr Insel.

But after finding out what I know now-- that the CDC intentionally left data out-- because it would show that kids were more at risk for autism after MMR-- to leave that out
and to say that Mr Tom needed Jail---- well indeed he does.

He deserved prison. SO do countless other scientists who have sold their souls- they have been bought.

whats left in light of " vaccines save lives" ?

Thousands and Thousands of children in the United States of America are injured.. There is nothing we can do about it.

No compensation, no mainstream doctors helping to correct these injuries sustained at he hands of other doctors.


what does it take to make a revolution?
what does it take to stop the bullying?
what does it take to make the provax pushers stop in their tracks and run  the other way?

I'm just a blogger mom who is making it known that my son was injured. I will tell anyone and everyone his story. Not to make him a victim-- but a victor-- becuase he is getting better- and because as I tell others-- hope is restored in my soul.
Hope and help. No child should be left to fend for themselves at the hands of ruthless doctors who push multiple vaccines at once.

Those greedy bastards. That's what they are. There is no excuse for the crimes they have committed against our children.

Don't you think that if they had a conscience they would realize what they have done and stop, and say no more, and beg others to do the same?

But they don't care. They don't care about the health of out children. They are ignoring the parents, They are.

We have been banned from coming back to the IACC. I don't think they liked what I had to say-- and now they have an 18 year old requirement-- so no kids allowed.

Many parents have responded to the negative claims that vaccines dont cause autism. There have been numerous videos published on youtube. There is now a special #Hearthiswell hash tag.

Hearthiswell videos.
 Vaccines can and do cause Autism.

Guess what? as long as people ignore the truth=== it wont go away.

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