17 August 2014

Cranio-Sacral, energy work, and recovery

Its been a while since I have posted anything. We have been busy, and Isaac has kept us busy.

he has been doing some rather awesome things.

For one, he has acted like a brat on purpose and for that I am happy.
I want him to act typical , so that I can see him.

I am quick to tell him that we don't act whinny, and that if he wants something he has to ask for it, just like the girls do.

We have started cranio-sacral massage therapy. In fact-- it all happened so fast, I am still pinching myself.

I have been praying and wanting to get this kind of help for Isaac.

I read a book called "Your Inner Physician and You"

I read it-- and what  a book! Remarkable stories of recovery from paralyzing disabilities.

I am a firm believer in letting the body heal itself.
I believe that God allows the body to heal.

We need to stop being afraid of what we don't know and embrace what The Lord has given us.

Well to tell you how we have this massage therapist-- she moved into our neighborhood. She is a military wife.

I am so glad that God answers prayers.

It hasn't been in our time, but His time, and I am so glad that he gives us what we desire.

Isaac is afraid of doctors. I think his body remembers what happened to him. I think he needs to release those emotions in order to heal.

I know it can be done.

Sometimes I think I still have those emotions trapped inside of me-- of that fateful day that he was changed forever.

Can I let go of what my son "could have been" and still yearn and work for recovery for him?


In fact, I think its one thing I have been scared of most.

Giving up on my son.

I will never give up on him, but I do know I need to let go of what I thought he would be--- but that doesn't mean I am in no way giving in to mediocre care.

I want recovery as much as he can handle.

I want him to be able to speak.

I want his voice to return-- even if its in the form of a communication device.

Part of me believes that If I just give in to what other believe (  that Isaac will always be this way)
that he wont get better.

But I expect great things to happen for Isaac.
I believe in recovery.
It matters not what others think.

25 July 2014

21 July 2014

Everyone needs a little A.F.P

Everyone needs a little A.F.P.

What is A. F. P. ????



Polysorbate 80

Aluminum  and Formaldehyde and Polysorbate 80--- together.

Where can I find these three toxic ingredients?

I can find them all combined into the vaccinations given to babies.

They are given by bully doctors. They are given without medical history inquiry of reactions.

They are given recklessly all in in the name of preventative health.

Such a shame our country has bowed down to Pharma.

Such a shame all of our children that have been vaccinated are now contaminated.

So why aren't adults being bombarded with such harassment that new moms and dads get?

Why aren't they being bullied into rolling up their sleeves?

My hunch is this:

They know and they can speak to the reactions being taken in by their own bodies.
They are observant lab rats who can speak.

our children however,can only cry, get high fevers and slip away into Autism-- the ever ignored epidemic that has yet to been harnessed.

Why is this happening?


Greed in the United States of America and no where else.

17 July 2014

14 July 2014

Donate for Autism Recovery

10 July 2014

A bunch of stuff.....

Whats been going on?

A whole bunch of STUFF
and by STUFF I mean a bunch of good things all rolled up into one--

giving me hope that the future is bright....

so many things that I know i will forget something when I list them....

but here are some:

Isaac has started communicating more with pointing in sets of two and three  and learning to nod his head for yes, and shake his hand for no....

this has been a big help in finding out what he is asking for when it comes to needs.

We testified this week at the IACC, although i know it might not mean much, its  a feeling of healing that has helped me thus far.  I am at peace. I know all things happen  for a reason. 

Its hard living this life, and having my son not be able to be a normal 8 year old,but thank The Lord he is alive, breathing, walking, running, and laughing.

I am so thankful for my daughters being able to speak on behalf of their brother, and many many other children that cannot speak for themselves.

These children are vaccine injured.

I did post our videos. 

Isaac re-injured his arm, but this time it was my fault.

I accidentally tripped over him and he hit his arm against the wall...

He has to ave a cast on Monday.

The guilt that I have from that ..well...lets just say I deserve it...

I did a radio interview today with Sally, on her show-- the link is here.

I've been researching  farms for the future when Mike retires.

We are growing more things in the backyard.

08 July 2014

IACC Public Comments