08 April 2014

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21 March 2014

25 February 2014

He wanted to be included

Isaac has been in a new Sunday School class for over 6 months now. He does seem to like it, but sometimes the singing gets too loud, and he covers his ears.

Sometimes he gets restless and needs a walk.

sometimes he starts t o hum and sing.

Yesterday we went to the Spy Museum and then the American History Museum.The Spy museum is very expensive. If you get a group together ( ten or more) than the price is only 6 dollars a person-- which is very affordable!

I learned several new things yesterday.

The city of D.C.--- if you have a handicap decal you can park at any meter for free for up to 3-4 hours (depending on the sign)

So I am not going to pay anymore of the garage fees...as long as Isaac is with me.

Isaac loves pictures. He loves to be included in them, and this is probably one of the only times that he can remain still for several minutes.
 He loves to grunt for a "cheese" moment.

He wanted to do several activities yesterday at the spy museum, after seeing the girls do it.

There were times when he was overwhelmed, but w e worked through it.
He did well.
 He saw some trains, rode an escalator, and the elevator several times.

He saw cars, old vehicles, and many different exhibits at the museum.

He did have fun skipping the streets of DC.

21 February 2014

Who is Jenny McCarthy?

Before I answer that question with a round-about explanation, I want to clue you all in on some background information about our journey into recovery from Autism (Vaccine Injury).

Not all Autisms are caused by vaccine injury. Most are. Some are not.

Isaac's Injury was directly related to vaccines-- yet we were blind.... The Dr's were blind....

 We just didn't know.

But now we do!

I can only attribute that to GOD, Jenny McCarthy and  Lynn Redwood ( And David Kirby)--- for knowing now that my son's Autism was indeed caused by vaccines.

I'd still be vaccinating because I would have thought that it was the right thing to do...

But here I sit-- typing, learning, teaching, helping....

A month-- just about 1 month after my son was diagnosed I was watching "Good Morning America"-- on TV and there it was -- a segment with Jenny McCarthy-- and a book -- she had written, with the help of a Dr.

It was about her son's Autism, and how he got better.

He got better.

Jenny McCarthy was writing a book. she was telling of her life-- her struggles, her son's turn into Autism and then back out?

He could get better?

Thru diet he looked at her?

How could this be?

That started me on a journey to find out why my son was sick,  and the more I dug, the more I learned.
The more sickening truth I found about the ingredients in vaccines-- and the side effects.

I started to review my son's medical records. I became a detective.
I couldn't figure out why he wasn't pooping, burping, or passing  gas.
he wouldn't hiccup.....why?

He was not able to detox because something in his body was broken.

What was it?

It was his body's ability to detox. Especially the ingredients that were in the vaccines.

All of the normal everyday crap that we come into contact with-- and naturally can eliminate ( as long as we are in good health) he was unable to do-- and here he was a little boy, still developing.

It hit him hard.

He didn't learn to walk until 20 months.
He didn't sit up until 10 months.
He said very few words. After his 17 month "catch up" on shots-- he never talked again.

So Jenny McCarthy comes on the scene. The only thing I know about her is that she was on MTV when I was growing up. Sometimes I'd watch it, but most of the time.... I'd change it to something not as risque.

It wasn't my cup of tea.
My how things change.

I am not saying that I would be one of the girlfriends of Jenny McCarthy, but I would definitely listen to what she had to say. I would hang on her every word about what helped her son recover.
I would be ecstatic to sit across from her having coffee...getting some life lessons on standing up for yourself.

Who is Jenny McCarthy?

She is a Mom. She is the mom who took back her child's health from would be vaccine pushers.
She said "NO" . She did research. She fought her way into getting her son proper medical help for all of his medical symptoms.
She is one in a thousand of moms who are doing this same thing-- everyday-- taking back their child's health.

She is so much like me in that respect -- I can say " I am Jenny McCarthy"

She is the symbol for which all Moms of recovering kids ----she is a candle in the dark.

She is doing well for herself despite the push-back from media and vaccine manufacturers/pushers.

What people don't understand is-- they try to make her out to be dangerous..... she is not.

The only thing that she has spoken is the truth.
 For that I will forever grateful.

I often think of The movie The Matrix--- when comparing the truth that is so easily hidden behind the media.

I think Paul Offit to be smith. The villain. Indeed he is-- for he does not care for the vulnerable ( our kids)

Any person in their right mind would be wiling to concede that vaccines do indeed cause Autism...yet he denies.

He is a gnasher of teeth. he doesn't care. He loves profits. 

He does not see our damaged children.

If there were a thousand scantily clad Jenny McCarthy's I wouldn't care. I'd be one of them- because that would mean I am seeking the truth for my son and fighting.

In the end our kids will have recovery in some form because we were given hope.

Who is Jenny McCarthy?

She is a Warrior Mom.

I am a Warrior Mom.

May we be the threat that keeps Paul Offit wondering when he will be behind bars.
May we be the threat to the CDC that causes them to change the schedule of vaccines-- and to offer upfront information about vaccine exemptions.

May we be the ones to stand by Jenny and speak the truth of what has happened and what is still happening   to thousands of kids.

God Bless Jenny McCarthy.

14 February 2014

09 February 2014

Another DAN Dr Appointment

Tomorrow I am taking Isaac back to an old Dan Dr.

I am asking for a prescription for OT and Speech therapy-- so that we can consult with an OT and Speech Therapist as a part of his home program. Medicaid funding has asked that we have it somewhere in his program.

I am also going to ask for some more glutathione.

I think it will help.

We have  not completed any of the blood work that he ordered last time..I have procrastinated, and I have found out that I might be able to get it all done while he is sedated for his dental procedure in two weeks.

I am hoping too that we can restart the chelation that we once had going for him-- the transdermal...which is easier than AC.....

but  covered by Insurance-- granted that AC is not expensive...

but I would much rather have it covered by Insurance.

I am making a paper trail of his recovery.