04 December 2009

Longcuts are best

My dishwasher never works they way that I want it too. If all the dishes are ligned up in a way that water gets on all of them, to get them clean, water gets sprayed and so does residue...so most of the time the dishwasher doesn't clean the dishes.
So I have resorted to handwashing the dishes, and I really like this better than the dishwasher doing the job.
I have never liked the odea of chemicals being left on the dishes, and then eating off of them...yuck*
so I know that the dishes are clean and it gives me a quiet time to think, focus, and work. I can pull away from the kids and do the dishes.
The girls also get to wash the dishes, and I have to say it's a good learning experience.
We still use the dishwasher, but its left as a drying rack for the hand washed dishes.
I prefer this better than the dishwasher getting the dishes dingy.
I don't have to buy that much dishwasher detergent now. I only use the liquid, fill up the sink and wash them, then rinse and load them in the dishwasher to air dry or heat dry.

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