09 February 2014

Another DAN Dr Appointment

Tomorrow I am taking Isaac back to an old Dan Dr.

I am asking for a prescription for OT and Speech therapy-- so that we can consult with an OT and Speech Therapist as a part of his home program. Medicaid funding has asked that we have it somewhere in his program.

I am also going to ask for some more glutathione.

I think it will help.

We have  not completed any of the blood work that he ordered last time..I have procrastinated, and I have found out that I might be able to get it all done while he is sedated for his dental procedure in two weeks.

I am hoping too that we can restart the chelation that we once had going for him-- the transdermal...which is easier than AC.....

but  covered by Insurance-- granted that AC is not expensive...

but I would much rather have it covered by Insurance.

I am making a paper trail of his recovery.


Karen said...

Hi, I just wanted you to know that I am still around and still reading about your efforts to heal your son. Are you still in Virginia? My son and his family are at Andrews AFB, and their son, Owen, is autistic. I am going to give my daughter in law the link to your blog.

McMillan Clan said...

Andrews is a 25 minute drive.....

as far as autism recovery... some people might find me to forward--- so thats a warning for your daughter...if she is not into autism recovery.... it can be pretty brutal out there with everyone's different views as far as autism....I would like to think our life is inspirational to help others..... that's one of our goals. Recovery is possible!